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AI generated Avatars of Amar Vyas

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  • 4 min read

I used an AI imaging tool ( to create images hat represent ‘Me’. I used a variety of painting and design styles.All the images below represent me, Amar Vyas ! 

Update: You can watch the video collage of the different avatars 

Image formats and styles

Below are the images from the video, in no particular order

Portrait- Turner Style
Portrait- Picasso Style
Anime Style
Sculpture- Marble Bust
Portrait- Oil on Canvas
Cyberpunk Style
Another Self Portrait
Steampunk Style
Bollywood Style
Retro Style
Renaissance Style
Comicbook Style
Pichwai Style Portrait
Baroque Style
Camera, Photorealistic
Random Art
Childrens’ Storybook Style
Sepia Style
Pen and Pencil on Paper
Charcoal on Canvas
Watercolour-Raja Ravi Verma Style
Steampunk, Vibrant Style
Sci-Fi, Futuristic Style
K-Pop Style
Oil Painting
Manga Style
Bronze Sculpture
Charcoal- Alternate
Dot Matrix Style
Madhubani Style
Noir Art
Mural Art
Pixel Art