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Amit Agarwal: Salespreneur

Introduction: Amit Agarwal

Amit is a blogger, speaker, and author of the book “The Ultimate Sales Accelerator”. In this interview, Amit talks about how he came up with the idea for this book, process of writing, editing, finding a publisher (CNBC TV 18), book release and finally marketing. The Ultimate Sales Accelerator is one of the few nonfiction books that has received very good reviews on, and also feedback from readers on LinkedIn. In addition, Amit has participated in book signings at bookstores in Airport- a sales approach not followed usually. Listen to this episode to learn more about it!

Listen to Interview of Amit Agarwal, Salespreneur,  by clicking below

About Amit

Amit is a Salespreneur®, who believes that Sales is Social entrepreneurship because every sale is an opportunity to bring joy, generate livelihood, create customer value and build wealth for the economy.

With professional selling experience in 23 countries and personal selling experience of more than 43 years, he believes that we all are in Sales because we all are selling a product, service or an idea. Salespreneur portal and his book ‘The Ultimate Sales Accelerator’ aims to create an ecosystem of EPIC Sales for a broader community.

In addition to ‘Sales’, ‘Human mind’, ‘Writing’ and ‘Evangelizing power of One thing’ are other key areas of interest for him.

Amit grew up in Jhansi, a historic town in Northern India and studied at IIT -BHU, Varanasi and IIM Ahmedabad. He currently lives in Bangalore suburbs, amidst beautiful farmlands, with his wife Ayesha and two sons Tanish and Aarav.

Professionally, Amit is SVP, Sales & BD with Manthan Systems
Amit’s LinkedIn Profile can be found here.

Link to The Ultimate Sales Accelerator:

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This post was updated on 2020-03-27