Announcing the “Series” Feature

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What is the Series Feature?

Series is my way of looking at the categories in my blog. Essentially, a series will be a super set of categories.

Series on Content Management Systems

Over the past weeks weeks months, I have been working on developing a content calendar that I could adhere to. In order to publish the posts in a logical, structured way, I aim to do the following. On a trial basis, for the month of October, I will publish the blog posts in the form of Series.

Watch: Content Management Systems (CMS) Series

I have tried tagging categories to my blog posts. But that is not working out for me. For example, I have published over 30 posts about Virtual Private Servers or VPS’es. Some are reviews, others carry only benchmark tests. A “Web Hosting” or a “VPS” category alone does not make sense. And there is no point in adding multiple categories to a blog post. Therefore to me, each post is a part of the VPS Series.

Planned Series for October

MondayWeb Hosting
TuesdayImages and Video
WednesdayContent Management Systems
ThursdayContent Delivery Network
SaturdayLifetime deals for SAAS
Series or Topics planned for October 2020

Wrapping it up

I hope that this time around, writing the posts as a par tof a series will help in bringing better structure to this blog. More importantly, make it easier for the subscribers of this blog to follow my posts.


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