How to host your WordPress Site on a Budget

How to host WordPress site for under 10 Dollars a year. Blog of Amar Vyas

In this post, you will learn how you can host yoour WordPress Site on a Budget:  for under 10 US dollars a year. Also find differnt ways to install WordPress on Shared Hosting as well as Virtual Private Servers (VPS). In November and early December 2020, I ran a variety of tests on different configurations of WordPress hosting ranging from Shares Hosting to OVZ and KVM VPS’es. This testing was self-motivated, because I wanted to see how frugal one can get in terms of pricing, not features.

My work culmiated in a blog post on LowEndSpirit, and a series of smaller posts on the LowEndspirit Forum. I decided to collate the smaller posts and publish them here, because I believe this work deserves as wide an audience as it can get.

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Getting featured in Mann Ki Baat

Amar Vyas of gaatha story featured in Narendra Modi's Mann Ki Baat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji mentioned my name on his show Mann Ki Baat. It was a pleasant surprise! Learn more about our podcasting journey with gaatha story.

Making of Video: How to Optimize Images

Image mentioning different services for optimizing or compressing images.- Website of Amar Vyas


In this post, I have described the process of making of the Video used in the post titled “Which is the Best Image Resizing Service” ?

For this post, I compared 15 different image compression and resizing services. These include Shortpixel, Tinypng,BulkImage Resizer, Optimole, and Imgbot. Yesterday, I made my first unscripted video : it took me about four hours for a 5 minute video and this 1,000 word blog post. But now I know it’s doable, and scalable.

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Best Image Resizing or Optimization Service?

Image mentioning services for optimizing or compressing images- Website of Amar Vyas


“Which is the Best Image Optimization Service?” This question came up more than a few times when I was researching to write the post on “7 Ways to Optimize Your Images for Websites“. In this post, I have used 20 different image compression and optimization services and compared their performance over a series of random tests. In other words, on this page you will find a blog post which compares 20 image compression services.

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Nexaracks VPS in USA: Benchmark Results from YABS

Screenshot of homepage of Nexaracks Web Hosting. Blog of Amar Vyas, May 2020

Last week, user Someshzade from Nexaracks reached out at LowEndSpirit. He wanted to know if I would be interested in running Benchmarks and testing out their new VPS. My reply was, hell yes! Withing a few minutes, he sent another message with the VPS details.

Default operating system the VPS came with was CentOs, which was not to my liking. In Virtualizor Panel, the options available were : Ubuntu 16,04, CentOS, and Windows . I opted for Ubuntu, even though my personal preference is Debian if available. Anyways, were are not here to discuss the merits or lack of) Linux distributions.

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