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BBLF-2019: Interview with Benedict Paramanand

This is a special episode of MyKitaab Podcast. To celebrate the Fifth Edition of Bengaluru Business Literature Festival (BBLF), Amar Vyas interviews the founder of BBLF, Benedict Paramanand. Bengaluru Business Literature Festival (BBLF) is in its fifth year and the 2019 edition of BBLF will be held on Saturday September 7, 2019 at WeWork, Residency Road.  In this episode, founder of BBLF, Benedict Paramanand, talks about his journey as a journalist, an author, and a book lover. Benedict also talks about his reason(s) for starting BBLF, as well as the evolution of this event over the years. Finally, he talks about some of the highlights of the 2019 edition of BBLF and why you should attend the event.


Click below to listen to Benedict talk about BBLF-2019



Creator and host of MyKitaab Podcast, Amar Vyas, will facilitate a session on regional language books of India.


About Benedict:


Benedict is a media entrepreneur in the advocacy and impact space , with interest in sustainability, green business, social entrepreneurship, business literature. Author of business biographies and editor of Management Next and Sustainability Next. You and learn more from his LinkedIn Profile here.


Links and Resources:


Website for BBLF :


Agenda or program for the event: Click here






Tweet featuring Amar Vyas, used for promotion of the event


BBLF and MyKitaab Connection:


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