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A few weeks ago, I had written a blog post on Lowendspirit about providers who offer free shared hosting service. For this post, I had compiled offers that were posted by webhosts on LowEndSpirit forum. Since then, I have compiled a wider list of providers, and thought of posting the same here.

In this post, I have specifically excluded free plans offered by large providers like Wix, Weebly and WordPress.

Features of Free Hosting Offers

Below is a screenshot of a table I had compiled for the LowEndSpirit blog.

Comparison of Free Web Hosting services
Comparison of free hosting offers posted by 4 providers. DA stands for DirectAdmin Panel

Tetahost are no longer in business
. See discussion on LowEndSpirit here

More Free Hosting Providers

In addition to the above four providers, I also compiled a list from LowEndTalk and Webhostingtalk. While most providers in the list offer DirectAdmin panel, the below list includes CPanel and also CentOS Web Panel.

Infinity Free Hosting

I first came to know about this provider through a post on LowEndTalk. I was rather impressed by the features offer by them. I thought of signing up so that I could include them in my review of free hosting service providers. They are a reseller for myfreehosting themeselves. Their servers are based in Germany. In the below image you will find some of the features offered by Infinity Free Hosting. Infinity Free Hosting

Edit: You have to log on to your account atleast once in 30 days, or your account can get terminated. See the below mail I received from them.
Email from InfinityFree Hosting -cancelation of email account.
Account termination email from InfinityFree Hosting

Illy Hosting

Illy hosting are a web host from Kosovo. They use CentOS Web Panel, and the free hosting plan has the following features:

-1 GB Space
-50 GB Bandwidth
-5 Emails
-5 Databases
-Centos Web Panel Pro
-Free Auto SSL (Letsencrypt)
-1 Domain


Xsltel offers free CPanel based webhosting with the below features. You can find the terms of their hosting plan here.

5Gb SSD Disk space
50Gb Bandwidth
Unlimited domains
Free Lets Encrypt SSL
Location Germany (Hetzner)

Free offers list on Webhostingtalk

Webhostingtalk has an entire section devoted to Free Hosting offers. I tried to create an account for one of the services, Hostfactor, while writing this article. The order got flagged for fraud, and I thought it was a sign and I should not delve too much. Three free services is more than adequate 🙂

List of Free Web Hosting Providers

Note: the below list is provided for reference only, all are ‘clean’ links, i.e. no affiliate links or tracker or otherwise.

1. Nexusbytes (ServedEz)

2. Teta Host (this host seems to have gone belly up)

3. HostingCubes

4. Khan Web Hosting

5. Web Blaze Hosting

6. Illy Hosting

7. XSL Tel

8. Infinity Free Hosting

9. Sitemagic

10. Known Hosting

11. My Own Free Host

12. Hostfactor (They do not allow registration from India so they are off the list)

13. Xinix

14. Awardspace Free Hosting

15. Turbohost (website is in Dutch but the menu is quite clear)

Experimenting with Grav CMS : Breaking a good setup again

Update September 28, 2020

A few updates on the free hosting sites. Over the past few months, a couple of developments took place because of which I thought of updating this blog post.
First of all, with the Infinity hosting, I ended up canceling my account. I was hardly using it and their requirement is that one has to login once every month. So I let that account go. Second, as far as Teta Host just went belly up, literally disappeared overnight. Fortunately I was not hosting anything critical on their servers.
Third is an update about Hello host. I’m no longer using that account because they have discontinued their free hosting plan.
Fourth, I am no longer using Hostingcube, and limiting my use of Illy housting- it has been quite iffy for me.

Which leaves me with the free hosting plan with Nexusbytes, I will start using them very soon.

Long story short, if you are looking for something long term something sustainable, it probably makes sense to go with a paid plan with a reliable host.

Free shared hosting for charities and nonprofits

When I had compiled the above list, I did not have any specific type of organisation in mind. But a recent discussion in a facebook group made me realize that there are many hosts that offer free hosting for nonprofits and charities. I have compiled the list from that discussion.

  1. An Honest Host (Thanks Joshua for the information!)
  2. 34sp (Thanks Liam : for registered UK Charities )
  3. Krystal (for UK charities)
  4. 20i

free web hosting sites

Free Hosting from the “Big Boys”

The following organizations offer free hosting (check terms for each provider to understand their definition of ‘Free”)

Amazon AWS

Oracle Cloud

IBM Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

Google Cloud Platform

Microsoft Azure

Tencent Cloud

Baidu Cloud

Image of IBM cloud Free Plan. Blog of Amar Vays
IBM Offers Free Tier for its cloud services

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