Image Compression Services: Update

Image of a puppy- blog on reducing images.

A few weeks ago, I wrote the blog post on image compression, and made the video. Since then, I have come across a few other services. Rather than adding more names to an already long list (25 and counting, I thought of compressing a random image using 5 different services and compare the results.

Treat this as a dipstick check and enjoy!

Image gallery showing Different Image compression services.

The image in question was created using a new service I am trying out, called GFX Depot. I learnt about it on Product Hunt earlier this week. You can view the image below.

Sr. NoName of serviceImage size after
compression (KB)
% Saving
4Website planet
222 85%
Which service can reduce the image size the most?
Image with call to action- plant more trees. Blog of Amar Vyas
Image created using gfx depot

Update July 2021: This (GFX Depot) service is no longer active.

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