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Over one year ago, May 2019 to be precise, I discovered the world of online forums and communities on web hosting. Discussions on How To’s offers, rants, and every other activity you can imagine taking place in a forum – all take place here. As a hat tip to these forums, I made a small video you can watch below.

Image showing Online Communities for Web Hosting. Blog of Amar Vyas
Online Communities for Web Hosting

Which are the webhosting Forums?

In no particular order, these forums are:

Web Hosting Cafe

Hosted Talk (formerly Hostballs)

Hosting Discussion

Tophosting Forum

Hosting Chit Chat (not accessible)


Web Hosting Talk

Lets Host Talk

Low EndTalk


Hosted on

Alternate version : Video on Web Hosting Forum

The above video is served from, a CDN I use primarily for images. This time I thought of using it for video. I created this video using Hippovideo, which also offers an embed player. Below is the version served from Hippo Video.

You may wonder, why I have both the videos on this page? I thought it provides a better choice to you, the audience for this blog.

Creating this video for webhosting forums

When I started researching about the different web hosting forums, I came across many resources. Some were shameless plugs. Others, like this discussion on Quora, gave some basic information. But the starting point for me, like is the case for most people, was an internet search.

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