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NRI: Now, Returned to India

Now, Returned to India is a play on words on the term “NRI” (Non Resident Indian)

The book follows the life of a 30 year old man who relocates to India with every intention of heading back to North America after an year. Even though he is born and raised in India, he has never worked there. His back to India story starts on a disastrous note. For the first few months, nothing seems to be going right for him. Frustrations at the workplace are not the only challenge that he has to undergo. Readjusting to living with his parents and the presence of a very large extended family in the neighborhood further complicate his life.

One year passes by faster than he had expected, and he is ready to leave India. But something happens and he decides to stay put. That’s when the downhill journey really begins. If the first year was bad, the second year seems worse. That is, until he decides to take charge of his life.

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In early 2008, I started narrating my back to India experiences at the Return to India forum ( Over the next two years, my online diary got followers and received a few pageviews. (more than 80,000 at the last count).

While I was certainly not the top poster, and definitely not the most popular one, the readers did provide a lot of positive feedback. Quite a few suggested that I should write a book based on my experiences. In 2010, marriage happened. And then another suggestion came.. rather, it was a request that I could not refuse. This is the story behind Now, Returned to India- the first book in a four part series that I am currently writing.

Even though Now, Returned to India is based on my diary, it is a work of fiction, and by no means do I intend to write a sob story.

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