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An Eye for AI

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Cover image for An eye for AI by Amar Vyas

An Eye for AI : How to create great images using Artificial Intelligence is a book meant for the beginners who would like to get familiar with the exciting world of AI based imaging. Written by Amar Vyas, this book guides the novice user through concepts such as Dalle2, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. The book contains several use cases of AI Imaging, and also prompts or commands. Look our for the glossary of terms and a list of over 100 sites and apps to help you create your first AI image. Learn more here

The “Content Trilogy”

Books on Content Delivery Networks, Content Management Systems and Image Editing (ork in progress Trilogy. below images are placeholders)

The Social Media Alphabet

In this book, we will discuss the major Social Media Sites that marketers in general and authors in particular need to keep track of.In March 2016, I had recorded a podcast episode titled “Alphabet For The Social Media Manager“. This book is based on this podcast and the discussion that followed. The premise is that there is atleast one social media site for every letter of the English Alphabet.