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I review web hosting services including shared hosting, SAAS providers in managed webhosting, VPS and NAT services. You will find reviews and my take on shared and Reseller Hosting providers, Virtual Private Servers, Cloud Hosting, and more. In 2019 and 2020, I ran several tests on a variety of VPS or Virtual Private Servers. KVM, OVZ, and more. Read all about YABS, Bench.sh and beyond in these posts.
Image showing bandwidth consumption and error rate for serving images from CDN. Blog of Amar Vyas

Issues with Images- Resolving once for all

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Ever since I moved this blog in May 2019 from Bludit to WordPress, this site has been plagued by the issues of images not loading properly. Learn what I am doing to address this.

A Weeklong Outage that went Undetected by downtime monitors

I experienced the “perfect storm” this week with my website.

This morning, I was looking up analytics on this blog, number of visits had dropped to 10 percent of daily traffic. I am aware that google algorithms have changed (again) and many are experiencing a drop in traffic… but the numbers were alarming. What exactly went wrong?

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9 months later.. Benchmarks on Server by Racknerd


I am publishing a post about running benchmarks on server after a while. In this post, you will find the benchmark tests on a VPS located in Chicago, by Racknerd.


During Black Friday 2020, I had surprisingly won a 1 year “freebie” from Racknerd… they had posted their offers on LowEndTalk. I actually won twice, but I ended up returning one freebie.You can read about my Black Friday 2020 “bounty” (web hosting plans I signed up for) in this post.

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Experiment: Blog site on Blogger

I set up a new blog site on Blogger yesterday, and it almost happened by accident. The site, posts.amarvyas.com, actually came up when I began tinkering with the settings for Blogger.Learn about my experiences with Blogger.

In a matter of hours, I published five blog posts on that site, which gave rise to a thought:
What if I continue publishing multiple times a day (say, 3 to 4 posts per day) for an entire month?

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