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Spring cleaning this blog

Today being a Sunday, I was scheduled to publish a post on the theme “SaaSy Sundays” that is, writing about Software as a Service products that I use for gaathastory or for this blog. Instead, I am publishing the below update

Update Progress with blogging in Feb 2022:  7 posts published, Total: 5,900 words.

Additionally, one guest post of ~ 2,200 words is scheduled to be published in a day or two.

Spring Cleaning is not limited to homes

Yesterday was the festival of Vasant Panchami, and it marks the beginning of Spring in India.On occasion of Vasant Panchami, we even promoted a beautiful story about the arrival of spring on Baalgatha podcast. This story was originally published in 2017 !

Well technically, this blog is supposed to be the “home” for my writing, so it is apt that I clean up this blog for Spring. Therefore, instead of publishing another post today (which I still might do later) I decided to clean up this blog first. One of the challenges of moving a blog between several providers and CDNs over the years is that a lot of links get and remain broken. They result in the dreaded 404 errors.  I spent a bit of time revising some of the more popular posts first. The entries in some of the posts in ClassicPress look something like this.

In addition, a lot of content becomes outdated, there may be updates to older posts, and so on.  Below is a summary of some random posts I have updated today. The below may appear to be mostly boring stuff for most people.

Those who work in the content and search engine optimization space may appreciate the importance of a content refresh.

Alternatives to for Speech to Text

– Added new content, updated links and audio.

Blogs published in February 2022

-added blogging-challenge” category to all published posts.  Corrected typos and added “Alt” information to selected images.

How to get back to writing habit when you have run out of creative juice

-New updates, feature image and cleaned up typos and dead links

How to use Rytr App for creating posts in Hindi

-Added feature image and updated links and text.

AI tools for text to speech: Podcasters’ Friend or foe?

-Updated text, removed dead links and changed category

VPS review : NaranjaTech

-Added benchmark results, updated external links, corrected typos, changed formatting for readability, added feature image.

Wrapping it up

Sometimes, it is important to do some house keeping and house cleaning on the existing content, rather than keep publishing new posts. After all, old posts are indexes, archived over a longer period of time by search engines. New posts take time to get that level of visibility.

Note: I will experiment with a couple of themes that I thought worked better from a visibility perspective, particularly on mobile devices. You *may* see variations of this site in the coming days. Feature Image: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels used under Creative Commons CC0

Word count: 350. Time taken: 50 minutes.

This post was updated on 2022-03-07