Testing CDNs for Media Serving

Image of earth showign network of connections. Used in Blog by Amar Vyas

CDN or Content Delivery Network

Update April 14, 2020: I have written a more comprehensive post on CDNs here. This post therefore becomes secondary and redundant  and needed cleaning up anyways – because some of  the CDNs form the list below are not working at this time.

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Relaunch of this blog and website

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Introduction: Relaunch of this site and blog

Welcome to the new and improved website for a more real start in which is my writing website for my main site, please visit, amarvyas.com . You may wonder why there are two different sites. The reason for that is simple.

(This page was created using a speech to text program, and has several errors which I will correct within one week of publication of this post)

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