Experimental Stuff

In addition to my podcasts, blogs and graphics work, I also create short videos; mostly for my own website and for gaathastory. Some, I create for fun! Below are a few recent videos that I have made.

Content Management Systems

Since 2018, I have tested and tried over 60 different Content Management Systems or CMS. The list includes the well known CMS – WordPress and Drupal, to the relatively unknown ones such as Datenstrom Yellow and Textpattern. Majority of the CMS are PHP based, while a few use node.js or Python. Some are open source, other are propitiatory. Many require databases, while many are “flat file systems” that is, they do not require a database. With so many options to consider, which Content Management System should you choose? This video is an introduction to a blog series on CMS by Amar Vyas.

Twitter Campaign for Forest Stewardship India- Trees of India

Twitter Campaign for Forest Stewardship India by Amar Vyas
Trees of India by Amar Vyas
Trees of India Campaign
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