Creative Corner

Over the past two or three years while working on podcasts by gaathastory, I have used a variety of SaaS based graphic design tools including Canva, Crello, Stencil, Tyle. I have also extensively reviewed Designcap and Pixelied on request form these respective SaaS founders. on my blog site,, you can also find some works created using Voila and Pablo (by Buffer) and a few other graphic design apps. 

Below are some of the creations that I am quite happy with. I may take up courses in designing at some point in time, till then, here is my “Portfoilio” (pun intended).

How to travel with your pet.Feature Image for blog post by Amar Vyas
Created with Crello (2022). Feature Image for upcoming blog post

Stencil (2020). Inline image for blog post
Stencil (2020). Instagram Image
Tyle (2021). Inline Image for Blog post

Crello (2022). Feature Image for blogpost
Crello (2021). New episode Promotion
Stencil (2018 or 2019) Cover art for podcast episode

Crello (2022) Feature Image for blog post
Designcap (2020). Podcast website.

Tyle (2020). Inline image for blog post
Pixelied (2020). Feature Image for blog post

All images and videos created by Amar Vyas using the above mentioned tools for use on his writing site, at, or other sites of relevance. 

Did you like what I have made? Well, here are some more !

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