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How to Create Awesome Images with Stable Diffusion

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Bonus: More Image prompts for AI Image generation

I have mentioned earlier in this post that you can experiment with materials, lighting, art form and artists, and image quality when you are generating prompts for AI Imaging. I have generated several images that have greatly enhanced the ‘look and feel’ for our podcasts at gaathastory. Below is an image from a recent episode of Baalgatha, a podcast of children’s bedtime stories.

We can create images using different materials (such as watercolour, ink, acrylic), art styles (such as baroque, renaissance, steampunk, synthwave) and experiment with image quality (such as 4k, matte finish) and lighting (such as octane render, volumetric lighting).

Below is my template for generating simple yet delightful images using AI image generators. This should help a majority of the users learn the ropes of creating images.

Image of (subject or object), using (material) and (artstyle), with (lighting), (image quality or aspect ratio)”

– Amar’s standard template for generating AI images, Jan ’23

The below table gives you some examples of the terms I have mentioned in the parentheses. At a minimum, you can try choosing the elements mention in Bold, the rest are optional.

Subject or objectperson, animal, cars, places, …
MaterialWatercolour, ink, acrylic, crayons
Art StylesBaroque, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Fantasy
Image Quality4k, Matte Finish, HD, aperture speed (in case of photo)
LightingOctane Render, Volumetric Lighting, soft focus
ArtistsWill depend on the image or art technique
Aspect RatioLandscape, Portrait, Square, custom aspect ratio
How to mix and match AI image generation parameters

Using the above table, you can try the following prompts:

A beautiful picture of a cute cat, oil painting by Paul Gaughin, biopunk style, 4k, matte finish, digital art, highly detailed


A beautiful painting of a cute cat, watercolour by Edvard Munch, synthwave style, 4k, volumetric lighting, digital art

Have fun trying out AI imaging! I would love to see what images you generate.

Oi painting of a cat
A cat in any other form looks just as cute
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