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Getting Ready for MyKitaab 2.0

I had posted some days back that MyKitaab Podcast is getting a reboot. Lets’ call it MyKitaab 2.0. As a part of the reboot, I also decided to re-do the website, while things did not turn out 100 percent as expected, I think we are in a much better shape now.
Image on blog post for Mykitaab Podcast with title- coming soon. Among the things that need to be fixed still:a. About Page and adding a plugint doe newsletter subscriptionb. Three blog posts- Interviews of Jason Van Gumster, Michal Stawicki and Yogesh Dashrath (that is, the three most recent episodes!)c. Updating the audio plugin on the blog postsd. Last but not the least, fixing the broken links
I hope that by the end of the month this entire process will be completed, and you will find this blog and the podcast a much more enjoyable experience!

This post was updated on 2019-05-09