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How to Discover Virtual Freedom: Leigh Martinuzzi ep 87

Leigh Martinuzzi is The Hidden Why Guy. He has published his book Virtual Freedom in January 2017, and we talk about his book writing process and book marketing.

You can listen to this interview by clicking below

About The Guest:
Leigh is an expert in lifestyle design. He helps people go from living a life they hate to living a life they love. His assists people via speaking, coaching, writing and podcasting.Having a corporate background in senior executive positions for various multi-national companies such as ALDI and Masters, Leigh realized that it wasn’t the life he wanted.Leigh made a decision and decided to design his life to give him more freedom, fulfillment and happiness. He has successfully transitioned from a dissatisfying existence to life with greater purpose.Now he pays forward what he has learnt to help other people do the same.


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This post was updated on 2017-02-08