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Misplacing older Images and Videos: Archives lost, memories remain

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The curious case of media files prior to 2014

Just last week I had written a long post about how I brought some sanity to the grossly expanding collection of media files. My joy was short lived. I was scheduled to post on some memorable travels over the past decade, and to my horror, media files prior to 2014 are missing! A more accurate description would be: “I have misplaced digital copies of a couple of hundred images and videos”. Which is rather unfortunate.

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Why the missing images and videos are a conundrum

I am usually paranoid about saving data. Three, four, maybe even five backups in some case. And I put a date to all folders. For example, all feature images that I use for this month will be stored in a folder called “blog-challenge-feb2022” and promptly backed up. Other than today, I have been rather proud of my back up system.

Don’t Panic!

Thank you Mr. Douglas Adams, the two words are memorable, but not quite applicable in my case.
Am I Frustrated? Yes! am I Disappointed? Yes!!Am I Panicky? Hell no
But I did spend quite a bit of time searching for the missing files. And so far, no mas.

Digital archives gone, memories exist

While for the moment I seem to have lost most of my images and videos before 2014, all is not lost. The archives are gone, but the memories remain. And if I look hard enough here and there, most of them may be recoverable. Some of these include: -Our trip to Cherrapunjee, March 2010 -Travel to Rajasthan (multiple times, 2011) -Agra and Mathura, March 2014 -My time and travels while I was in the US. Thankfully, the memories are still fresh. And most of the files from April 2014 onwards- are all sorted, organized and backed up! This includes: – Our trip to Turkey (April 2014) – My visit to Central Europe, namely Switzerland and Germany (Mid 2014) – And all other trips thereafter.

Post for #traveltuesday : taking a new avatar

As I started writing this post for today, my original goal was to write about a few select trips and include an image or two from each. In hindsight, it would have made a very long post. Everything happens for a reason. This incident made me realize that some of my posts last week have been very long indeed Fortunately, the published posts have been closer to 300 words for the past couple of days. Starting tomorrow, the goal will be to stay as true to the wordcount of 800 as possible.

Amar Vyas, USA, 2004 That’s me in 2004.

This post was written as a part of #bloggingchallenge for February 2022. 
You can read other posts in this series by visiting this link. Feature Image by Julia Filirovska from Pixabay

This post was updated on 2022-02-18