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55,000 Listens for myKitaab Podcast and Counting

A HUGE Thank you to all listeners and supporters for helping MyKitaab Podcast!

We crossed a milestone last month: with over 55,000 listens, I am really humbled. I frankly hadn’t anticipated the podcast to reach this milestone when I had launched it. As the first podcast I had ever produced, and the first ever podcast by gaathastory, we always considered this show as a beacon or a test bed.

Our Journey in a nutshell

The seeds of MyKitaab were sown around September 2015, that is, nearly 3 years ago. The first shows were recorded in October-November that year, and the beta launch took place a month later. In mid-January 2016, MyKitaab Podcast was launched. Since then, we have published over 100 episodes for this show, and gaathastory have produced 4 more podcasts including Baalgatha and Myths, Legends and Fairytales of India Podcasts.

MyKitaab as a Sandbox

This show is where I learnt the importance of scheduling the interviews (batching), sending questions in advance, learning how to use Zencastr, Cleanfeed, Zoom and of course Skype for recording calls. This is the show where I did in person interviews. This is the show where we learnt the importance of getting professional help for editing, cover art and intro/outro voiceover. Newsletters, Social Media Marketing, (re-learning) website design and updates on WordPress… MyKitaab Podcast remains the special show that it was and is.

Bump in the Journey

Of course along the way (around June last year), we lost the previous domain which was the ‘home’ for MyKitaab. And during a data transfer, I even managed to love nearly 10 interviews, including some amazing and insightful interviews with New York Times Bestselling Authors nonetheless.  But as they say, when one door closes, another opens. From a very expensive web host, and rather poor website speeds, now we are on to a shiny new domain, and a great host with faster response speeds and of course better stability. And, I was recently consolidating my different cloud storage accounts, and I found 6 of the 10 lost interviews. I cannot wait to publish them starting June 15th!

Relaunch , New Channels

I think MyKitaab Podcast deserves a relaunch. The show taught me a lot, and looks like the audience learnt a lot from this show as well. MyKitaab has over 60 Five Star Reviews on Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), which is really very exciting as well as humbling. So here we are folks, Starting June 15th, look forward to a new episode of MyKitaab Podcast every Wednesday.

And in order to widen the reach and the availability of this show, we have added three new channels this month..

You can now subscribe to MyKitaab on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, TuneIn, Stitcher, Spotify, and of course you can listen to the podcast on this website as well as on Spreaker. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed of this show and add it to your favourite podcasting app.

This post was updated on 21 Feb ’23