Kiran Manral, Author of All Aboard and Karmic Kids ep 16

Kiran Manral is the author of books like All Aboard and Karmic Kids. She was a journalist and a copywriter before she became an author. Her first novel The Reluctant Detective was published in 2011. She works for the causes of prevention of violence against women, sexual abuse and is involved with a group that works with the victims of the November 2008 attacks in Mumbai. She lives in Mumbai with her family and writes an occasional column for newspapers. Her latest book is The Face At the Window.

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Discussion with Kiran Manral

  • According to Kiran Manral, she has no life skills (and maybe that’s why she is an author)
  • Her first book was titled The Reluctant Detective (Westland, 2011), followed by One Upon a Crush ( Leadstart, 2014) and All Aboard (2015), and a nonfiction book on parenting called Karmic Kids (2015). Her next book is titled The Face At the Window which is scheduled to be released in 2016 February.
  • She has published each of her books with a different publisher, she has changed publisher because of a variety of reasons. Timeline of publishing is one of the factors. Her forthcoming book, The Face At The Window, will be published by Amaryllis.
  • Kiran decided to step back from her career in journalism when she decided to have a child, She took up freelancing assignments from there on. Blogging was her way of expressing herself- she started blogging in 2004 or 2005.
  • She likes to describe herself as a storyteller than a writer. By nature she feels she is very introverted, but she relishes the world of book marketing. According to her book promotions particularly for fiction is a necessary evil.
  • Kiran plans her travel so that she is not away from home for more than 2 days a week. She has good family support system that enables her to stay away from home.
  • She has a presence on facebook, twitter, tumblr, blogs, instagram and youtube. She tries to reply to every comment or tweet. She has started rationing her time on social media recently.
  • Kiran’s appearance on MyKitaab Podcast was her first podcast interview. She likes audio as a means of communicating with the audience, and will consider publishing audio version of her books in the future.
  • She considers herself to be a Humor writer, and she writes for herself. She likes to experiment with genres to help her grow as an author. The reviews for The Reluctant Detective have been mixed, particularly on the e-commerce sites (amazon and Flipkart)
  • Her next two books Once Upon a Crush and All Aboard, are in chic lit category. Kiran is a fan of the Bridget Jones Diary series.
  • Kiran does not see that working with a different publisher for each book is a challenge. It does add complexity to the publishing and marketing plans, but with planning, this challenge can be overcome.
  • Kiran considers Stephen King as her role model in writing, who has also written in multiple genres.
  • While she has been a traditionally published author, Kiran is considering to publish one of her future books independently.
  • Her publisher ran a promotion for Once Upon a Crush in 2014 through Newshunt, which received a lot of media coverage.
    According to her, translations is a tricky area. Particularly in humor, the language plays an important role in conveying the message. Amar recently came to know about the Marathi language translation of Pride and Prejudice, written by the author/ translator in 1905. This is an example of a transposition or a transformation, not necessarily translation.
  • Kiran would like to recommend a book called Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed , which is a compilation of her columns that the author wrote as an agony aunt and dear sugar for a magazine.
  • P G Wodehouse is one of her favourite authors. Given a chance, she would like to consider Aunt Agatha as a protagonist for one of her future books.
  • Kiran’s advice to authors: they MUST read, words are the tools of the trade for authors. To write one page, one should have read atleast a thousand pages.
  • Update: You can learn more about Kiran’s latest novel by clicking here: Face At The Window

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