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Obituary: E. Alexandra Mary

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A 96 year old widow E. Alexandra Mary breathed her last in her family’s vacation home yesterday. She leaves behind four children – Anne, Andrew, Edward and Charles, and their spouses and offspring. Alexandra Mary’s husband Philip had died last year, and she herself was unwell for the past several weeks. She had withdrawn from leaving her father’s home where she lived most of her life, and only recently had shifted to the family vacation home, hundreds of kilometers.

She came from a well off family, which held several prime properties in much coveted locations. However, her last few years were beset with a son who was left to accept cash donations from sovereigns and another who has been accused of being involved in a child sex scandal. Alexandra Mary leaves behind many loving dogs whose future will be topic of discussion in the times to come.

Pencil sketch portrait of Elizabeth Alexandra

Pencil sketch portrait of Elizabeth Alexandra, created using AI Image creation tool

post updated : 11 Feb ’23