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One Hundred Days without Coffee

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My wife asked me to stop drinking coffee for 100 days. She wanted me to finish all the tea in the house during that period. This is how things went.

At first, I was skeptical about the challenge. I had been drinking coffee for years and I couldn’t imagine going without it for so long. But I decided to take on the challenge and see what happened.

The first few days were difficult, but after a while, I began to get used to drinking tea. I found that I actually enjoyed the different flavors and aromas of the different teas. I even started experimenting with different blends and combinations.

By the end of the 100 days, I was surprised to find that I had grown to love drinking tea. I still enjoy a cup of coffee occasionally, but I find myself reaching for tea more often now.

Update: Starting 1st June, I plan to do another “No Coffee” challenge, with a twist. I will drink coffee only when I am outside the house, and if it is raining. Steaming Kaapi in Bengaluru during monsoons is divine!