Using Rethink : Cloud Storage and File Sharing

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In this post, I will write my experience using Rethink software (previously known as Publist) for cloud storage and file sharing. I came to know about Publist through one of the Facebook groups. This group focuses on deals for SAAS or Software As A Service subscriptions. Around October last year 2019: Publist was available as a lifetime deal on a site called Pitchground.

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Testing CDNs for Media Serving

Image of earth showign network of connections. Used in Blog by Amar Vyas

CDN or Content Delivery Network

Update April 14, 2020: I have written a more comprehensive post on CDNs here. This post therefore becomes secondary and redundant  and needed cleaning up anyways – because some of  the CDNs form the list below are not working at this time.

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Relaunch of this blog and website

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Introduction: Relaunch of this site and blog

Welcome to the new and improved website for a more real start in which is my writing website for my main site, please visit, . You may wonder why there are two different sites. The reason for that is simple.

(This page was created using a speech to text program, and has several errors which I will correct within one week of publication of this post)

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Using PUSHRCDN Content Delivery Network

Option of selecting CDN

During a recent discussion on LET, Viktor from PUSHRCDN offered a free 1 month trial of their CDN (Content Delivery Network) service. I decided to sign up and give it a try for Underworld Startup.

In this post I will talk about the process of creating an account, setting up the CDN for “Push” plan. I will set up the storage option separately and update this post.

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KVM by Datawest: Perth, Australia

Creating a VPS using Hyper-V - Datawest, Australia. Screenshot by Amar Vyas

Introduction: KVM Plan by Datawest

Over at LET and LES, came the post about the ‘deal’ by Datawest- a provider from Australia. At 3.3 Aussie Dollars (INR 150) a month, a 1 CPU Core/ 6 GB SSD/ 1 GM RAM/ 1 TB BW KVM was tempting enough to try – at worst, for a month. Thus began my journey of struggles, frustrations, and finally some success with this VPS.

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FLOWVPS, Australia: Black Friday 2019 Offer

VPS offer from FlowVPS- Black Friday 2019. Blog of Amar Vyas

In this post, you will find results from the benchmarks on a KVM VPS in Australia by FlowVPS, located in Melbourne. I had signed up for this service as a part of 2019 Black Friday offer. You my also find more tests and discussion in this thread on Low End Talk.

Update December 2020: Nearly One year after I published this post, I have mixed feelings about this VPS. Around October, there was a disk failure in the node and the server was down for days. The disks had to be replaced and there was a total data loss. (Thank goodness for Backups!) . Though that is hardly a reason for letting go of this server. I have simply been unable to put it to use. The price makes it an attractive proposition to hold on to on the other hand!


4 vCPU
15GB NVMe - Primary
100GB SSD - Secondary (Not bootable)
1.5TB Data
1 IPv4
At 15 Australian Dollars/Quarter 
about $ 10 US Dollars), this is one sweet deal!

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