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Introduction to Bengaluru Business Literature Festival (BBLF) 2022

Welcome to a new season of MyKitaab Podcast!
In this episode, learn all about Bengaluru Business Literature Festival (BBLF) 2022 from Author, Blogger, Book coach and Voice artist Ganesh Vancheeshwaran. Ganesh is a past guest on MyKitaab Podcast and is on the advisory panel of BBLF. The co-founder of this festival, Benedict Paramanand, has also been a past guest on our podcast.

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Ganesh Vancheeshwaran introduces the 2022 edition of Bengaluru Business Literature Festival
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How to create a Podcast using Artificial Intelligence Tools

Welcome to twenty First Day of my daily blogging challenge. Today is Monday, and theme is MyPod Mondays. Let us take a look at an exciting development in podcasting!
Today we will discuss, a site that uses Artificial Intelligence technology to create podcasts. I have written about this tool in the past in other places, but not on this blot. In a way, you can consider this post as an update. And what an exciting update it is!

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Alternatives to CentOs8 – After The Storm

Welcome to the seventh day of my blogging challenge for February 2022. For today’s post I thought of bringing some variation. I will embed the audio of a blog post written by me last week. This post was written as a guest post for an Internet community that is focused on web hosting.
This post is titled “Alternatives to CentOs- After The Storm”, and the theme of this post is as follows:

In December 2020, Red Hat Linux, who had been acquired by IBM, announced that they will discontinue development for CentOs operating system, which is used by a wide variety of users, system administrators and web hosts. 14 months after the announcement, how have the users and the market adopted? Which of the alternatives have found user and market acceptance?
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Amit Agarwal: Salespreneur

In this interview, Amit talks about how he came up with the idea for this book, process of writing, editing, finding a publisher (CNBC TV 18), book release and finally marketing.

Lift Off: The Conzerv Story

In this first episode of Season II of MyKitaab Podcast, Listen to Hema Hattangady and Ashish Sen talk about their book “Lift Off” The Conzerv Story”. Hosted by Amar Vyas, cofounder of gaatha story