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NRI:Now,Returned to India

NRI: Now, Returned to India- Audio Version

Moving back to India was the last thing on Amol Dixit’s mind while he was leading a carefree life in Chicago. But one day, he found himself sleeping on the streets of Mumbai. 

-Amar Vyas

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About NRI:Now, Returned to India

Now, Returned to India,is a humorous story of Amol Dixit, a man in his early thirties, who relocates to India in haste. A series of mistakes throw his life in turmoil and cost him the woman he loves. He also learns that living with his parents again after fifteen years is not easy. Disagreements with his boss Paresh eventually drive him to quit his job, and he goes broke. Amol learns the hard way that living in India is no cakewalk. His life becomes a How To Guide (rather, How Not To Guide) about making an unplanned move to India. What will he do to climb out of the hole that he has unknowingly dug for himself? Will he return to his life in North America? Will he find his life partner the arranged marriage way? Most importantly, will he discover what being a NRI actually means?