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Note: April 28, 2020

Posts on my other blogs do not show up on this blog. I realized this when someone asked me the other day about my daily blogging challenge. They asked,

“If I was supposed to publish a post every day, then why wasn’t I publishing a blog post every day on this site?”

The fact is that I Have been publishing a new post every day, but not only on this blog. I have three other sites where I publish posts. They are:
a. MyKitaab Podcast
b. Underworld Startup Blog
c. My All Things Podcasting Blog

Since April 12th 2020, I have published one new blog post every day,unfortunately, I forgot to add the links to those articles here. And for those who may not know that I write at multiple places, that might leave room for confusion. Or misunderstanding. Or both.

How to bring in feeds from other blogs

  • One option I was considering was to introduce new categories, one for each of the blogs, and create pages that will receive updates from the RSS feed.
  • Other option was to mention about the posts on other sites in a couple of lines, as a daily journal.
  • The third option is to past the content of the other blog posts here, either as excerpts or as “add on”
  • Fourth method: use the canonical tags and re-publish the entire post here.
  • Finally, publishing a content calendar and mentioning the publishing schedule as a sticky. I have mentioned about the need for a content calendar in a previous post. Maybe Option 5 is the way forward.

What do you think? Is there another possibility or possibilities that I may not have considered/ Is there a better, smarter way to maintain transparency, sanity, and consistency at the same time? Comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

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Links to my posts form this week, published on other sites

Underworld Startup:
a. Re-Testing: OVZ Virtual Private Server (VPS) by Hostslick

b. Optimole Image Optimizer and CDN. I have written about Optimole in my post on “7 Ways You can Optimize Images for your Website

Why Podcasters Should Avoid Using Free Tools For Recording Interviews

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