Blogging Challenge: The Problem of Plenty

Introduction: The Problem of Plenty with Blogs

I am currently faced with a problem of plenty. Over the years, I have set up multiple blogs. Beginning with my posts on the free WordPress site, all the way upto reviving this particular site and the daily blogging challenge. The question arises, how do I put a system around them in order to ensure the blogs are updated and I do not miss a single day of posting on this site? 

So, which are my other Blogs?

Around 2012, I set up my blog (a free WordPress site) to chronicle my bookwriting journey. Within a month or two, I got registered as a contributor, blogger on my then employer’s Corporate Blog. Over the years, more blogs got added; and at present, I maintain atleast 7 blogs: 

More Sites = More Complexity

One of the challenges with maintaining so many blogs is that it is difficult to regularly update each blog with posts. And on top of that, I took up this challenge- a noble venture, but then I need to set up a system in place to do justce to it.

For example, I published a new post on my Podcasting blog yesterday. Technically, I did write and publish for five consecutive days, but I did not update this blog with a mention of that post. That is not right. One of the ways to address this problem would be to import the RSS feeds from each blog into this site, so that there is a visibility. Better yet, writing a summary of the blog posts published on other sites, and linking them from here. I might do the latter. 

Content Calendar: Putting it all together

One of the most highly recommended ways is to create and adhere to a content calendar (also known as an editorial calendar). 7 Blogs, 7 days of the week. Rather, I can alternate between posting on Medium and LinkedIn (since the topics I write about are quite similar), and that might do the trick. Time will tell.

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Screenshot of Editorial or Content Calendar- from Google Search

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