Changing Images CDN gone wrong

Last night, I messed up the settings for BunnyCDN. Which means that all of the feature images (the one you see on the blog page) and some inline images were not visibile. My apologies for that. It was a case of over zealous CDN settings. Or not realizing I was making a mistake. The end result was something like below.

Images gone AWOL! See below screenshots

Screenshot of website with missign feature images
The curious case of disappearing images

I decided to start migrating the CDN or content delivery network for images. So far the inline images (the ones you see embedded in the blog post) were served from As I posted elsewhere, the service is closing and it was time to move the CDN.

Errors Galore

Once the server synced with the images, the disappearing act began. Somewhere in the settings I had opted for a URL rewrite, that is, instead of the feature images being hosted from this server, they were getting served from a folder on BunnyCDN that did not exist. The result?

403 errors on for images due to incorrect configuration.. Blog of Amar Vyas
Sorry, no images for you.

Digging into the logs showed what was going on.

Error Log on BunnyCDN for identifying issue with no image loading. Blog of Amar Vyas
Inc ase of errors, check the log

Temporary fix- disabling the WordPress plugin for BunnyCDN.

I obviously did something wrong. While I get the issue resolved, apologies or this (yet) another issue with images.

Way Forward – resolving issues with CDN and images

Starting 2021, all images on this site will be served from either of:

Gumlet or BunnyCDN. These two options have worked best for me, both plans are paid off for atleast 3 years, and the experimentation has probably taken more time than reasonable.

I will retain the images from previous posts on their current servers, but will update the URLs so that we do not have recurring issues with images.

What about the images in this post? Well, they were uploaded to storage folder in BunnyCDN, and served from there! Compressed using imgbot of course.

Images compressed using Blog of Amar Vyas
Images compressed using imgbot

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