Experiment: Blog site on Blogger

I set up a new blog site on Blogger yesterday, and it almost happened by accident. The site, posts.amarvyas.com, actually came up when I began tinkering with the settings for Blogger.Learn about my experiences with Blogger.

In a matter of hours, I published five blog posts on that site, which gave rise to a thought:
What if I continue publishing multiple times a day (say, 3 to 4 posts per day) for an entire month?

At some point in time, I might switch out from Blogger back to self hosted Content Management System like Bludit, or even on WordPress. But for now, this experiment seems like an exciting prospect. Note: As on August 2021, this short lived experiment came to an end as I began consolidating my blosts.

Screenshot of posts.amarvyas.com, a blog site by Amar Vyas
Screenshot of posts.amarvyas.com