First Impressions: Boltwire Content Management System

Introduction: About Boltwire CMS

Boltwire is a flat file CMS (Content Management System) that uses markdown for content creation. I came to know about Boltwire when I was looking up different flat file CMS’es. Below is a series of screenshots from installation of this CMS on a shred hosting, using version 7. You can learn more about this CMS here. I used a shared hosting provider that I came to know through LowEndTalk (and later LowEndSpirit) and I host several sites including with that host.

Screenshots continue below.

Boltwire-installation- instructions

instructions for setting up a new site using Boltwire CMS.Blog of Amar Vyas

404 Error while installing

Note: You have to use start.php as mentioned in the install.txt instructions above, to set up the installation of Boltwire CMS.

New Site Setup for Boltwire CMS

setting up a new site using Boltwire CMS.Blog of Amar Vyas

Site Setup

site setup for Boltwire Content Management System. Blog of Amar Vyas

New Default Site

New skin (or theme)

Creating a new page

Note: HTML code is not supported while creating a new page in Boltwire CMS

Embed ‘iframe’ code does not work

iframe or html code does not render in Boltwire CMS.Blog of Amar Vyas

Selection of Skins

Neo skin in below imageNeo Skin for boltwire CMS
No Copy Paste from HTML! Another reminder that the page may not render well

Wrapping it up

Installing and configuring Boltwire CMS is a breeze. I did not try out the plugins or forums option or go into advanced configuration. In the coming days I might do so on the test site. In the meantime, Boltwire CMS looks like a solid content management system. This is a one person project (or a small community at best). While that is a risk for some, in my opinion, this should not prevent someone from trying out (and using!) this flat file content management system.