7 Ways to Optimize Images for your website

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My original Speech To Text Notes for this post are pasted below:

So these are the five or six different sites about each I will write short pixel I have used extensively shot pixel adaptive images is more of the CDN side, which I have covered briefly in my article on CDN, not get back to it. Optimally offers
image shrinking and up to one gigabyte of image CDN in the free plan, paid Of course between three and $5 a month.

When it comes to tiny dot png, I think they have a paid plan as well as well as free of course. So add those notes over there. Ew, www they say image compression. Then there is smush from WP config, which we can talk about.

In your Mac. For preview, you can actually add using automated script, you can run all the images getting resized, though that can lead to some image compression loss. Are there other sites which offer image compression services We would like to look into that and probably add some more to that.

Other scripts to do that, probably that is something also that needs our demands for the investigation. So, that’s the brief background on the post.

Try and limit between 6 and 7 hundred words, about hundred words each*. From I will not talk about the free part, I’m trying to stay away from it. Would I recommend plugins for only WordPress, or cross different CMS? Those are some of the pointers to add in this post.

Transcribed by https://otter.ai

(Excluding the Speech to Text Conversion, this post ended up becoming nearly 1,700 words)

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