Reviews and Benchmarks of Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

List of Virtual Private Servers Reviewed

Since June 2019, I have reviewed over 50 Virtual Private servers. During these reviews, I run benchmarks on them, tinkere around with settings, and sometimes break the systems (intentionally or otherwise).

Types of Servers

Click on any link below to read the review in detail for that VPS. Names marked in Bold, are work in progress reviews and will be published shortly. A review of a VPS will typically include benchmark (YABS and speedtest) as well as the overall purchase experience, use cases if any.

KVM based VPS

FlowVPS (Australia, BF 2019)PHP Friends (Germany, since Oct 2019)
Hosthatch (London, BF 2019 -1 Yr)Hostslick, (Netherlands, BF 2019- 1 Yr)
MaxKVM (Singapore, Sept -Nov 2020)Avoro, (Germany, Jan 2020-Jul 2020)
Quantumcore (Australia, BF 2019-1 Yr)Ionswitch (Dallas, Dec 2019 onwards)
Virmach(Chicago+ New York BF 2019-Nov 2020)ExtraVM (Dallas, Jan-Mar 2020)
TinyKVM (Dallas, USA, Aug 2019-Aug 2020)Rorarii, Latvia (Apr 2019-Apr 2020)
Greencloud VPS (Singapore, BF 2020)Inception Hosting (UK, BF 2020)
Virmach (New Jersey, USA, BF 2020)Hosthatch (Hong Kong BF 2020)
Racknerd (Chicago, USA, BF 2020 – 1 Yr)Hostsolutions (Romania, Jan 2021)
Terrahost, Norway (LXC)
List of VPS’s reviewed on this site

Servers For Testing*

KTS24, (Netherlands, July 2020)Servers Galore (Melbourne, AU Dec 2020)
Webhorizon (Singapore, Dec 2020)Datawagon (Chicago,USA, Nov 2020)
HostEons (Dec 2020)Inspiron Hosting (Nov 2020)
Nexaracks (Mumbai, May 2020)
(* Typically on request from Providers or on trial offers)


3 part series: (Part I, Part II, Part III, 2019)New York, Ryzen (2019)
Singapore 3 GB KVM (2020)Hosting Pool (2020)
Coming soon: why I’ve reviewed Nexusbytes multiple times?

“Cloud” VPS

IntoVPS (Cluj, Romania, 2019)Datawest (Perth, Australia, 2020)
Dade2 (Iceland, 2020)Lunanode (Toronto, Canada, 2020)
Google Cloud PlatformReadyDedis (1 GB, Mumbai,July-Sept 2020) (3 GB, Mumbai, Black Friday 2020)
Typically one month duration servers


Gullo’s (Finland, Bulgaria)Inception Hosting (UK, Netherlands, USA)
Wishosting (France, Jan 2020-Dec2020)Webhorizon (Singapore)
Freebox, service discontinuedMicroLXC (Japan)
Freebox and MicroLXC are “Micro”instances

Storage Servers

Servarica Polar Bear Storage 2 TB Canada (Black Friday 2020)Inception Hosting 500 GB (Nov 2020) and 1 TB (Black Friday 2020)
Nexusbytes NAT Storage, Germany (2021)Hosthatch 2 TB storage, London (BF 2020)
During Black Friday 2020 I signed up for multiple Storage Plans


Hostslick OVZ 2019, 2020VPSDime (2020)
Gullo’s LittleVZ Singapore and London (BF 2020)

Typical benchmarking tests I run


Image for YABS

Would you like your VPS to be reviewed? If yes, then you can Contact Me and I can schedule a review and post the results as time permits. But please note that starting January 2021, I will limit to one VPS review per quarter due to time constraints. Thank you