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Side Note: How I count the Words for blog posts

I use a variety of writing tools and programs for my blog posts. One my goals is to try different SaaS (Software As a Service) tools that we have subscribed. The challenge is, many of these tools count words in a different manner. In order to avoid any mis-understanding, I would like to clarify the following:The published word count for nearly every post published during the February #bloggingchallenge is actually less than the actual wordcount.

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Background: Calculating published words

This is a short post with the intention of clarifying how I count the words published under the February 2022 blogging challenge.

Till February 15th, I was using the word counter in WordPress editor to record the words published for every blog post. Starting tomorrow, i.e February 17th, I will use the site for measuring and publishing the words for every blog post. The intention is to have an open, transparent way for others to verify my word count. If anything else, I am guilty of under reporting my wordcount. For example, in the post published today, both WordPress editor and show the total words written to be higher than 900. Copywritely, the program I used to draft the post, shows 871 words. I have reported 830 words, on a conservative side.

Wordcount for blog post as shown by Copywritely.

Wordcount for blog post in Copywritely. Blog of Amar Vyas

Word counter for blog post on

Word counter for blog post on Blog of Amar vyas
Word counter for blog post on

This post was updated on 2022-06-04