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A lesson I learnt about Sustainability by spending 200 Rupees

Welcome to day number 19 of this blogging challenge. Today is a Saturday, and our theme is Sustainability. I wanted to share a recent incident that taught me the value of repairing a pair of footwear. Today’s post is about a pair of Bata sandals that was purchased from Amazon a few months ago. After several months of heavy use, the soles needed to be replaced. While I did end up getting them repaired, what I learned from this whole experience and helped me to throw away another pair that could have been repaired. Does it sound paradoxical, and confusing? Read on to learn the lesson I learnt recently.

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The Water Crisis is already here

Welcome to day number 12 of my blogging challenge for February 2022.  Today’s theme is Sustainable Saturday. Last week I had written about water flowing out of a pipe, and the memories of water scarcity it revived. Lo and behold, the water crisis is already here. Tankers carrying municipal water have started feeding the pipes and tanks in the nearby neighborhoods. What worries me is that  summer is yet to begin.

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The Running Water Tap – And a flood of memories

Welcome to Day Five of my bloggingchallenge. Today is Saturday, and for this post the theme is Sustainability. Today, I will talk about an incident that brought back memories from several decades ago.

Many of you may be aware by now that I walk Buddy very early in the mornings- around 4 AM. Today,as we reached the main entrance to the apartment complex where we live, I saw that water was flowing out of a pipe because of a tap or valve left open. Water running onto the street, and eroding the soil in the process. The flowing water brought back a flood of memories from the mid 1980’s when I was a child growing up in Ahmedabad, and it became the trigger for this post.

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