How I created the Post on Content Delivery Networks

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Introduction: Creating the post on CDN

In this post, I have described how I created the 3,500 4,400 word post about Content Delivery Networks. The tools, process I used, and the learnings from the experience are mentioned in this post. Specifically, using for speech to text, Ink App for copywriting, and using CDNs themselves for the post.

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Using Rethink : Cloud Storage and File Sharing

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In this post, I will write my experience using Rethink software (previously known as Publist) for cloud storage and file sharing. I came to know about Publist through one of the Facebook groups. This group focuses on deals for SAAS or Software As A Service subscriptions. Around October last year 2019: Publist was available as a lifetime deal on a site called Pitchground.

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Using PUSHRCDN Content Delivery Network

Option of selecting CDN

During a recent discussion on LET, Viktor from PUSHRCDN offered a free 1 month trial of their CDN (Content Delivery Network) service. I decided to sign up and give it a try for Underworld Startup.

In this post I will talk about the process of creating an account, setting up the CDN for “Push” plan. I will set up the storage option separately and update this post.

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