Best Image Resizing or Optimization Service?

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“Which is the Best Image Optimization Service?” This question came up more than a few times when I was researching to write the post on “7 Ways to Optimize Your Images for Websites“. In this post, I have used 20 different image compression and optimization services and compared their performance over a series of random tests. In other words, on this page you will find a blog post which compares 20 image compression services.

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7 Ways to Optimize Images for your website

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Have you ever wondered why you should compress (or reduce the size of) images on your site? After all, you want to display on your webpage the beautiful pictures you have taken in all their glory! But the downside of leaving images as “heavy” or uncompressed is that your site (or app) will load very slowly. I had written about how to use a CDN or content delivery network and a follow up post on the topic. You can consider the below post as a companion post because the theme is similar- how to load websites faster!

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