Nexaracks VPS in USA: Benchmark Results from YABS

Screenshot of homepage of Nexaracks Web Hosting. Blog of Amar Vyas, May 2020

Last week, user Someshzade from Nexaracks reached out at LowEndSpirit. He wanted to know if I would be interested in running Benchmarks and testing out their new VPS. My reply was, hell yes! Withing a few minutes, he sent another message with the VPS details.

Default operating system the VPS came with was CentOs, which was not to my liking. In Virtualizor Panel, the options available were : Ubuntu 16,04, CentOS, and Windows . I opted for Ubuntu, even though my personal preference is Debian if available. Anyways, were are not here to discuss the merits or lack of) Linux distributions.

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Using PUSHRCDN Content Delivery Network

Option of selecting CDN

During a recent discussion on LET, Viktor from PUSHRCDN offered a free 1 month trial of their CDN (Content Delivery Network) service. I decided to sign up and give it a try for Underworld Startup.

In this post I will talk about the process of creating an account, setting up the CDN for “Push” plan. I will set up the storage option separately and update this post.

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KVM by Datawest: Perth, Australia

Creating a VPS using Hyper-V - Datawest, Australia. Screenshot by Amar Vyas

Introduction: KVM Plan by Datawest

Over at LET and LES, came the post about the ‘deal’ by Datawest- a provider from Australia. At 3.3 Aussie Dollars (INR 150) a month, a 1 CPU Core/ 6 GB SSD/ 1 GM RAM/ 1 TB BW KVM was tempting enough to try – at worst, for a month. Thus began my journey of struggles, frustrations, and finally some success with this VPS.

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FLOWVPS, Australia: Black Friday 2019 Offer

VPS offer from FlowVPS- Black Friday 2019. Blog of Amar Vyas

In this post, you will find results from the benchmarks on a KVM VPS in Australia by FlowVPS, located in Melbourne. I had signed up for this service as a part of 2019 Black Friday offer. You my also find more tests and discussion in this thread on Low End Talk.

Update December 2020: Nearly One year after I published this post, I have mixed feelings about this VPS. Around October, there was a disk failure in the node and the server was down for days. The disks had to be replaced and there was a total data loss. (Thank goodness for Backups!) . Though that is hardly a reason for letting go of this server. I have simply been unable to put it to use. The price makes it an attractive proposition to hold on to on the other hand!


4 vCPU
15GB NVMe - Primary
100GB SSD - Secondary (Not bootable)
1.5TB Data
1 IPv4
At 15 Australian Dollars/Quarter 
about $ 10 US Dollars), this is one sweet deal!

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NexusBytes- VPS-2 Plan, New York

Nexus Bytes announced their Ryzen + NVMe offers recently on Low End Spirit among other places. I was thinking of consolidating the VPS’es in this quarter – somehow ended up building a collection of VPS’es in the second half of 2019. Jay (Seriesn) and I and separately, another user poisson had been exchanging messages about the same, when I finally decided to bite the bullet.

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