Making of Video: How to Optimize Images

Image mentioning different services for optimizing or compressing images.- Website of Amar Vyas


In this post, I have described the process of making of the Video used in the post titled “Which is the Best Image Resizing Service” ?

For this post, I compared 15 different image compression and resizing services. These include Shortpixel, Tinypng,BulkImage Resizer, Optimole, and Imgbot. Yesterday, I made my first unscripted video : it took me about four hours for a 5 minute video and this 1,000 word blog post. But now I know it’s doable, and scalable.

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A Homage to Servers

Decorations for Deepawali Festival - Image used on source Wikipedia

On Deepawali day, I thought of taking a break from the usual set of reviews and benchmarks and have some fun. I fired up Vlogeasy, app for making this short video.