ReadyDedis VPS in Mumbai

Hypervisor Panel in ReadyDedis. Feature image in Blog of Amar Vyas

ReadyDedis posted an offer on Low End Spirit and Low End Talk about their new Mumbai location. I was intrigued. Good, reasonably priced VPS (Virtual Private Server) plans in India are few, and for a while I have been looking at an option of a VPS in Mumbai.  I do not have any servers in India, because the price to specifications ratio does not work well typically. In recent months, this has changed – two other offers for a VPS in Mumbai were posted by Cloudjiffy and Nexaracks recently. (read my benchmarks of Nexaracks VPS ) This offer added a third option.

Update December 2020: During Black Friday sale, ReadyDedis offerd a great deal for a Mumbai location. I will publish a separate review on that shortly.

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