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VPS Review

VPS from Virtual Machines (Virmach) : Benchmarks in 2022

In this post, you will find results from benchmarks on two Virtual Private Servers from Virmach, located in Amsterdam and New Jersey, respectively.These servers had been ‘idling’ for the past few months. In 2022, I had decided to really cut down on the number of VPS benchmarks and reviews I publish on this blog, but as I have posted elsewhere, these servers were `looking lost and sad`. So, I decided to reinstall the OS (Debian 11 for one, Ubuntu 20.04 on the other) and re-run the benchmarks.
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First Impressions and Benchmarks Webhorizon- Poland VPS

Introduction: VPS service from Webhorizon in Poland

Webhorizon, a webhosting provider from India, had posted an offer on the low end talk about a VPS in November 2021. The location was interesting: Romania. I already had a VPS in that location with the once popular (and now maligned host, Hostsolutions).

For the Webhorizon VPS, the specifications and the price looked interesting enough since this was a pre-launch offer. At that time I was in the process of consolidating the providers, and since I already had a couple of services with Webhorizon, namely an email service as well as a NAT, or a network attached terminal in Singapore. Therefore, it made sense to have one more service with them.

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