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Web Hosting

Consolidating Multiple Web Hosting Services

Welcome to Webby Wednesday, today is the 23rd day of this month long Blogging Challenge. In this post, I will talk about consolidating different web hosting services. Recently, I listed down the web hosting plans and services we have; including shared hosting, VPS and SaaS hosting providers. It is time to start culling the non-active services, and consolidate the plans with a few selected providers. This applies to hosting, email and cloud storage. Learn how I ended up with multiple services, what is their expanse, and how I plan to consolidate them.

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Website Updates- Back to WordPress and way forward

Welcome to today’s post, day number 16. On Wednesdays, our theme is Webby Wednesdays, under which I write about web hosting, content delivery networks, websites security and related topics. For today’s post, there’s an update about this blog.This blog began as a WordPress site, then we moved to ClassicPress. As of yesterday, we are back to square one. This may seem like a back and forth, possibly indicating that I am unable to make up my mind.This reversal is intentional, with a long term goal to move away from WordPress altogether.
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New Look, New Structure for this website and blog

In today’s post, learn about the new structure and new layout for this website, and what it means for you. I have been making a series of changes to this site and blog. Some are visibly evident- the changing themes for example. Others are structural. And a large number of changes are related to speed, optimization and security. In this post, I will explain what some of the changes mean for you, the readers of this blog, and what you can expect.
Welcome to Day 9 of my month long blogging challenge for the month of February. On Wednesdays. I write about matters related to websites, which include web hosting, email, website management, and so on. This week I would like to write about an overhaul to this website. This is a work in progress.

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A Weeklong Outage that went Undetected by downtime monitors

I experienced the “perfect storm” this week with my website.This morning, I was looking up analytics on this blog, number of visits had dropped to 10 percent of daily traffic. I am aware that google algorithms have changed (again) and many are experiencing a drop in traffic… but the numbers were alarming. What exactly went wrong? Read More »A Weeklong Outage that went Undetected by downtime monitors