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Misplacing older Images and Videos: Archives lost, memories remain

The curious case of media files prior to 2014

Just last week I had written a long post about how I brought some sanity to the grossly expanding collection of media files. My joy was short lived. I was scheduled to post on some memorable travels over the past decade, and to my horror, media files prior to 2014 are missing! A more accurate description would be: “I have misplaced digital copies of a couple of hundred images and videos”. Which is rather unfortunate.

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Business Travel : The Rule of Three for Productivity

Welcome to this first post in my Daily Blogging Challenge for the month of February 2022. Today is Tuesday, and the theme for the day is called Travel Tuesdays. In this post, I am going to share my experience with business travel. I developed this habit in the pre-pandemic era. In the coming months things will go back to pre-COVID19 levels and business travel will become a part of life again. The below might become relevant to me again, and maybe even prove helpful to you!

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Karnataka Road Trip December 2021

Welcome to this mini travelogue and photo tour of our recent road trip.

We (Mrunal and I) covered several places in Karnataka between Dec 26th and 30th, 2021. It was a road trip that took a form of its own once we hit the road- figuratively speaking. The origin and the destination were known, and we had some idea about the places to visit in and around Gokarna (based on our previous 2018 road trip and recent recommendations from a few folks). But along the way, we added an extra day and a couple of destinations to our trip. More on that later.

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