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TypesetterCMS Version 5.8 – an open source CMS revives

Development continues for TypesetterCMS

Typesetter CMS is lightweight,fast Content Management System (CMS). It is based on PHP, and is open source CMS. Most importantly, it is a flat file CMS and therefore does not require any database, which also makes it easily portable. Unfortunately, like many community or open source projects, its development had stalled over the past few years.That may no longer be the case. Recently, there have been some positive developments. Version 5.8 preview is out in the wild, (the maintainer calls it late alpha/ early beta) and I spent some time tinkering around with it.

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Background: Typesetter – a PHP based flat file Content Management System

Early on in 2019 when I first began looking into the world of Content Management Systems, I came across Typesetter CMS. I got introduced to it within a short span of time via three different resources:

Images from installation and testing

The below screenshots taken by Amar Vyas, 31 January 2021. The installation files were downloaded from Github. Refer to this disucssion on TypesetterCMS Forumsto learn more about the 5.8 alpha3/ beta 1 version. As per the README file and installation instructions, minimum PHP requirement is version 8.0. I tested this installation with PHP 8.1.
Uploading the Installation files
Using you can upload the zip folder on shared hosting and unzip it to get to the below list of files and folders.
Installation begins: “Sanity Check” by InstallerInstallation Completed
Note:You have to go to the yoururl/install.php link to get to this menu. The installer did not start automatically in my case. My test website was setup at, therefore the installation link was

Settings in Admin Menu Admin Menu for Typesetter CMSPreviewing the Themes theme preview for TypesetterCMS.Changing the default ThemeSetting up BlogYou have to enable the “Simple Blog” plugin in order to do so. Creating a sample blog post Updating the Menu

Wrapping it up

Installation and configuration of TypesetterCMS is pretty easy, and so is creating new content. I am glad that this project is showing signs of revival. This CMS will be in my list of Top 5 Content Management Systems for my own use, once the stable version is released.
This post is a part of ongoing series on Content Management Systems. In the past I have covered Known CMS, ClassicPress among others. More CMS to follow in the coming days.Note: If you try to install TypesetterCMS via Softaculous or Installtron in shared hosting, you may see a warning similar to the attached. (Last update: Version 5.1, dated August 2017. And a warning highlighted in yellow)
Feature Image: Amar Vyas, 2021This post is a part of the series on Content Management Systems(CMS). For more posts in this series, visit here.
This post was updated on 2022-02-23