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How I created a video from AI generated images of dogs.

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This morning I was tinkering around with a couple of different AI based image generators like Satndard Diffusion and Dalle2, and ended up creating a few images of dogs.

I created the below video from those images. I have titled this video as “Dogs galore”, a play on words on my city, Bangalore. (Atleast, its old name before it was renamed to Bengaluru).

Backstory: Video of images of dogs using AI tools:

Beagles, Labradors, Indian Dhols, and of course Buddy! The results were quite interesting. That’s when a promotional email fro Vimeo hit my inbox- encouraging me to upgrade my plan.

I already have Tyle, Invideo and Hippovideo in the video creation space, and wasn’t sure if I needed another video creation tool. Do I need a video hosting- yes! Another creation tool? No. That is my current thought. Anyways, I am digressing. While testing out Vimeo’s video creation tool, I uploaded the images of doggo’s, and used one of their templates to come up with the above video.

Which brings a rather curious thought to mind: How will the videos generated by say Invideo or Tyle compare to the one above? That is a post or a video for another day !

Images Galore

I thought of posting the images created for making this video- you can find them below in no particular order.

Images hosted on