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Video hosting in WordPress

Over the past few weeks, I have used tools like Invideo, Vlogeasy,Crello and Tyle to create some videos. Once the videos were created, I started looking for places to host them. In this post, let us look at options to host these videos.

CDN for Video
BunnyCDNBackblaze B2 (with Cloudflare)Hippovideo
Options for hosting and delivering streaming video

Blackblaze B2

I am using blackblaze B2 and Cloudflare to server this video. You can read more on how to configure cloudflare in this post.

Publist (Rethink) for Video Hosting

(NoT using anymore)

Other Video Hosting

Screenshot from WordPress editor showing video embedding by Vimeo, Dailymotion and YouTube. Blog of Amar Vyas
Video embedding in WordPress

WordPress enables embedding video from multiple services, including Vimeo, Dailymotion and YouTube.
Other CDNs include Fleeq, Alugha, Swarmify.

Update June 17, 2021

This post was updated on 12 Feb ’23