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Earlier this week, I read a post about the approach used by some content writers to create so called SEO-optimized blog posts. The process, the post mentioned, is as follows:

a. Select a ‘popular’ topic, such as “how to stay productive during extended lockdowns resulting from COVID-19”

b. Use some tool to create an outline.

c. Scout for similar articles, top posts, etc.

d. Use a Keyword tool and identify patterns : wordcount, images, specific keywords or strings, outbound links, etc.

e. Optimize for SEO using alt tags for images, meta tags, etc.

While some use the above technique in a fair manner, others use shadier versions of the above technique. They may create multiple variations of the same post, use keyword stuffing, and the likes.

Using AI tools to create blog post
Using AI tools to create blog post

Putting the tools to use

I thought of using the above technique for creating a brand-new post for this blog. In order to do that, I used the following tools:

Frase AI tool for creating the list of keywords and phrases.

Otter.ai for narrating the raw draft of the post, and using speech to text for converting to written post.

IaWriter for cleaning up the raw draft of the blog post.

Ink App for tweaking the text for grammar, keywords, spelling, and readability.

The whole process took me nearly 2.5 hours for a 1,000 word post. I am confident that by standardizing the process, I may take about 90 minutes end to end, for the post.

Mapping the timeline taken for writing the blog post.
Mapping the time taken for writing the post
using Ink App for optimizing blog post
using Ink App for optimizing blog post

Putting it all together

I put together a post titled “Offers for VPS Hosting in Singapore” The draft of that post I created can be read here. The final version of the post might be published on the LowEndSpirit blog.

Publishing the test blog post on Simplenote
Publishing the test blog post using Simplenote

This is the second post I have written about, or using AI tools. You can read my post on Kafkai here.

Post created using my approach

VPS Offers in Singapore

Since July 2020, there has been a flurry of deals for Virtual Private Servers in Singapore, in the LowendSpirit Forums. This prompted me to write this post that lists the offers for VPS hosting in Singapore posted at LES. Many of the providers have launched a ‘new’ location in the Merlion City. Hosting in datacenters in Singapore area is more expensive compared to North America or Europe, but many have managed to break that perception. They have presented offers with KVM VPS Ryzen Processors and NVMe disks, but at very low pricing. In addition, the deeply discounted NAT server by Webhorizon, and the free VPS hosting offer courtesy MicroLXC will surprise you!

Background: VPS Hosting in Singapore

Before we discuss the offers for VPS hosting, let us take a look at what makes Singapore an important location for web hosting traffic. 

Let us take a look at Singapore as a location, why it is important to have data centers in that country. It offers great connectivity to most parts of Asia, for example, I get 45 ms latency from my city, Bengaluru. Connectivity to China, Southeast Asia, Japan and Australia is also fair. Perviously, Hong Kong used to be the preferred location for many providers in the LE world. But with the recent developments, I think Singapore, which always had great demand, has gained prominence.

Singapore is a great location for setting up your virtual private server, as this image for the modern day internet betwork shows.

connectivity network across the globe. Image source: Reddit

This location always had some good options when it comes to shared web hosting, reseller hosting, and even managed web hosting. Some providers such as Indovirtue, RansomIT, sometimes post offers for shared hosting or VPS in Singapore. During special sales, Indovirtue in the past have posted offers for cPanel based web hosting at the other green forum. Some of these offers had SSD high performance drives to improve the performance of the VPS, while others had Windows based VPS hosting. 

In the ‘cloud’ space, bigger players like Amazons AWS, Google Cloud, and Alibaba, offer cloud VPS hosting in Singapore. Others include Linode, Digital Ocean and recently, OVH Cloud. In the past, some providers who have posted offers for web hosting in Singapore include MikeA (extravm.com, for KVM VPS in Singapore), Mikho (MrVM, for NAT servers) and Smallweb (shared hosting offers in Singapore).

Singapore location for VPS seems to have found some new love

Offers for VPS in Singapore

Chart showing VPS offers in Singapore


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