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Walk at GKVK Campus and Refreshed Creativity

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I had recorded this post during my early morning walk at last week. The below post has been edited and updated at the time of publishing.

An early morning walk to spur creativity

On the morning of September 14th 2022, I decided to change my morning routine a bit- after walking Buddy early in the morning, I returned home around 5:30. Fifteen minutes later, I was out again, with some food to feed some of the stray dogs in the neighbourhood. I avoid taking Buddy out because not all dogs I feed are friendly towards him. Following that, I decided to walk uptown the Agricultural University- GKGK.

At the entrance of the campus is a big digital board that offers details on the weather in Bengaluru, I spent some time admiring the board, and was impressed to see the level of the detail. Total rains received since the beginning of the year, relative humidity, daylight hours and other relevant information is displayed on that board. I leave you with a picture of that board for your perusal.

Recording the blog post while walking down the University Boulevard

Early in the morning, walking down this tree lined road is an absolute bliss! Below is the transcript from my narration as I was walking. I voice recorded my thoughts into, and the raw draft was prepared using speech to text. I have edited the transcription for better readability.

Transcript from Speech To Text

A lovely overcast morning and I’m walking in the GKVK campus. It’s about quarter to six in the morning. It’s lighting up a little bit. Sunrise will be closer to 06:30 AM , and it is cloudy. It rained quite a bit last night. And I thought before the day’s madness begins, let me do a short walk inside this beautiful campus. I live about 400 odd meters from this place, and it’s just beautiful to walk right now. Not too many people around, but in another hour or so this place will get really busy. And the campus is literally flooded with walkers over the weekend.

Photo tour from my morning walk

Dogs playing at entrance of GKVK
Dogs playing at entrance of GKVK
View of Sunrise at nearly  6 AM
weather Board at entrance of GKVK
weather Board at entrance of GKVK
View of main entrance at GKVK
View of main entrance at GKVK

This post was updated on 2023-02-10