A Weeklong Outage that went Undetected by downtime monitors

I experienced the “perfect storm” this week with my website.

This morning, I was looking up analytics on this blog, number of visits had dropped to 10 percent of daily traffic. I am aware that google algorithms have changed (again) and many are experiencing a drop in traffic… but the numbers were alarming. What exactly went wrong?

Image showing the term "Web Hosting". Blog of Amar Vyas

Possible causes I thought of and checked:
a. Changing registrars (long story short, my former registrar pooped and I moved several domains to Porkbun and CloudFlare or CF). But all domains were on CF so should not have been an issue.
b. SSL issue – but certification were valid, SSLlabs showed A or A+ rating.
c. Site is managed through Gridpane, which sent no errors.
d. None of the three Uptime monitors sent an alert about downtime. I use Hetrix Tools, Uptime Robot and Screpy.
e. Ping to server showed no result – probably because I use VPN that has been blocked.

Finally, fired up control panel at the vpn provider- lo and behold, server was offline. Fired it up, half an hour later, all systems working.

Wonder why the alerts did not trigger- maybe because I was only checking the domain and not ip?

analytics from Cloudflare for amarvyas.in, Sept 2021

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