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The Tiffs They Call As Brawls- ChatGPT version

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I had written a poem titled “The Tiffs They Call as Brawls” in 2005. In July 2023, I used chatGPT to voice record/ transcribe this poem. The first time I narrated it, I forgot to instruct chatGPT to transcribe- the AI tool thought it wise to compose a poem of its own based on the prompt. Below is the output.

To read my (original) version, please visit this link.

-Amar Vyas

Title: The Tiffs They Call as Brawls

The tiffs they call as brawls, a curious sight,

Seem to bring them joy, shining so bright.

For others, they spark envy and desire,

Their fervent clashes fueling a secret fire.

In their skirmishes, words clash, fierce and loud,

Yet their laughter weaves a harmonious shroud.

They dance on the edge of passionate debates,

Their love aflame, sealing their intertwined fates.

But behind closed doors, tears find their release,

The tender moments hidden, offering solace and peace.

For their brawls are but echoes of deep care,

A tempest they endure, a love they both share.

Though others may yearn for their seemingly blissful state,

The truth lies within, a connection innate.

In the tiffs they call as brawls, a story unfolds,

A love so rare, as their bond steadily molds.

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